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About The Teacher

I love the subject of Social Studies/History.  I think it is an exciting area to study.  The idea that normal, everyday people who are put in extraordinary 
circumstances that change not only their lives, but have the potential to change the lives of thousands is the most amazing thing to me.  When I'm not 
teaching, you can find me dreaming about my next trip.  I have been to over 30 countries/ 4 out of the 7 continents and have many more I want to visit. :o) 
also love to create things in the kitchen; my friends and family love when I get stressed out and feel the need to be "creative".

Mission For The Class

Because I have a passion for Social Studies, I want everyone to get as excited about the subject as I am.  I want to see everyone succeed, to learn 
the importance of the past as it applies to the present and future, to know what came before that was the catalist for our current actions.  History is 
not merely the study of the "Great White" men and the important events that they took place in, but the story of the common man and how his or her life 
changed.  To help you achieve success, we will be using our text, American Journey, along with worksheets, supplemental videos and readings; working in 
groups, partners and as well as alone on various projects that allows the student to further explore the content.