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Language Arts and Journalism


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A and D period language arts

  • Haiku
Rough draft of Haiku due Monday. 
Japanese style of poetry with three lines and a 5-7-5 syllable pattern. The theme is usually nature. A period is to write a Haiku about environment science while D period is to write about Global Warming. Rough drafts will be shared and final drafts published in class on Monday.
  • Literary Devices 
Definitions matching quiz on Friday, Feb. 9. 

Third Quarter AR reading due March 1

A and D period should complete no less than 25 AR points
B and C period pilot AR program includes reading 20 AR points and 1,000 pages of non AR books or any combination there of if each 50 pages equal 1 AR point. 
Middle Ages AR book for ALL classes needs to be done and AR test taken on or before February 6. This assignment was given during the first week back to school after winter break. 

AR points due 12/14 
Period A and D - 50 points
Period B and C - 80 points